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Poker Turnamens – Here Are 10 Poker Facts That Cause Real Pain

Poker Turnamens – Here Are 10 Poker Facts That Cause Real Pain, Poker turnamens can be real painful. Here are 10 painful facts about playing poker

  1. Why do I lose with pocket Jacks all the time?

· Your Jacks are vulnerable since a card higher than a Jack will flop over 65% of the time.

  1. How come my A-Q always runs into A-K?

· The probability that an opponent has A-K when you hold A-Q is just 7% in an eight-handed game. However, assuming you made a pre-flop raise, your opponent will have a strong hand to compete. This is where probability meets reality-the reality is that you run into A-K more often since it’s one of the common hands opponents will play against your pre-flop raise

  1. How low should my chip stack be when it’s simply best to move all-in pre-flop, rather than make a standar three times big blind raise?

· When your chip stack is less than 8 times the big blind.

  1. Why did my A-K starting hand lose to 2-2?

· 2-2 wins 53% of the pots in head-to-head contests.

  1. Why did my J-10 suited starting hand lose to A-K?

· A-K wins 59% of the pots in head-to-head contests.

  1. Why did my 2-2 starting hand lose to J-10 suited?

· J-10 suited wins 53% of the pots in head-to-head contests.

  1. Is there a trik to putting my opponent on a hand?

· Pengalaman is the key as it will help you to determine the hands an opponent will play pre-flop and what hands he is likely to hold if he continues to play after seeing the flop cards.

  1. How come I get so many bad beats?

· It happens to everyone. Luck is part of the game.
Remember, “Bad beats only happen to good players.” —
Joe Crow (1998)

· If you have the best hand of pocket Aces, and move all-in pre-flop against your opponent’s hand of 7-2 (considered the weakest hand in poker), you will lose more than once in every nine hands. And, if your pocket Aces is all-in pre-flop against any pocket pair, you will lose more than 20% of the time. Any two cards can win.

  1. How come the probabilities never work out for me– I lose a lot more often than what the probabilities say I should?

· In no-limit poker, probabilities meet reality. While you need to know the basic probabilities, the reality is that your opponents will be competing against you in raised pots with strong hands. Therefore, in raised pots, the universe of potential hands is reduced significantly, and you face a smaller, stronger set of hands.

10.How come I never win?

· You haven’t put Turnamen Poker: 101 Winning Moves into action. In fact, have you even read this book yet?

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